Amazing! Photo of mother and son takes social media by the storm, people can’t believe it’s true.




A beautiful local mum, Norma Dayeli, recently stunned Stayers after she took to Facebook’s ImStaying group to share a picture of herself and her son as well as a touching good-luck post with the young man, who is writing his matric exams.


She wrote: “Mother and son moments. I had you before I had my matric certificate. I had you before I had me. While I raised you, you raised me. You knew me as soon as you saw me and fell in love with me when I spoke.

“I was only 17 and I’ve made some mistakes but you my love not one of them and I will never regret.. The world will treat us differently. They will say I am too young to be your mum. None of this is true, this is our journey it began in August 2001, no excuses, not ashamed and most importantly no looking back for us.

“We made life work because we worked hard at being a family. All the best with your matric final exams. #I’mStaying.”

While many joined her in wishing her son good luck, an equal number of Stayers could not believe that Norma is his mother. A lot of them wondered whether she was being serious about being his mum.

She said going by how she looks beside her son, people always express disbelief in the fact that she is his mother.

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