Biden Would Be Impeached And Kamala Harris Will Take Over – Apostle Suleman Makes A Shocking Revelation [Watch Video].



The announcement of Joe Biden as the president-elect of the US elections has confirmed the prophecy made by Apostle Johnson Suleman in March 2020.

A video of the Apostle making the prophecy has resurfaced online and this has generated sparks online as many Nigerians have begin to analyze the things he said in the video.

According to Suleman, the world is finished if Final Trump isn’t elected into second term. He also revealed that God told him two years ago that Biden isn’t the problem of Americans but his running late, Kamala Harris is the problem. He said Biden would be impeached and Harris would take over as president in order to fulfill the ‘new world order’.

He said;

“If current president of America doesn’t come back then the world is finish, so we have to pray against it

” The opponent isn’t the issue, his running mate is. The running late is a lady and if the opponent wins the opponent would be impeached for the lady to take over and fulfill the new world order.

The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory talks about secretly emerging totalitarian world government. The NWO is also included in the Great Seal of the USA. Over the years NWO has been associated as the End Time or the Antichrist.

See photo/video below;

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