RuffTown Records to Sign Ebony’s Look-alike

Bullet Signs Ebony Look-alike

Bullet of RuffTown Records has shaken the internet once again after he posted a video of niece singing. This has really caused a stir and has received many comments from social media users.

The girl seen in the video he posted on social media is said to be his niece who he has plans of signing to his record label, RuffTown Records.

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The young girl in question is identified as Lisa. Lisa is a young talented and beautiful girl whom many are saying resembles the late Ebony Reign and brings back memories of her to their mind.

This is not the first time Bullet has shared a video of Lisa singing on his social media handle. In his first post about the said “Ebony Look-alike”, Bullet posted a video of her singing Wendy Shay’s Emergency and captioned it “Emergency, That’s my niece.Guys should I sign her”.

Many social media users have drawn a conclusion that Bullet has plans of signing the young chap onto his record label, RuffTown Records after seeing this second video below.

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Video of Lisa, Ebony Reings Look-alike Singing

Do you think Lisa can replace Ebony Reigns? Should Bullet Sign Lisa onto his record label to take the position of Ebony? We would like to know what you think about “RuffTown Records to Sign Ebony’s Look-alike”.

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