Car Belonging To Nigerian Nationals Set Ablaze At Akatsi.




A viral video making rounds on social media suggests that a group of Nigerian nationals who are returning from a business trip lost their car to fierce flames.

Even though details about the incident and occupants of the car aren’t yet clear, Mike Azegi, an eyewitness said the car got one of the tires overheated resulting in blasting in the middle of the journey and started burning.

The unfortunate incident happened in Adetsebui in the Akatsi South Constituency of the Volta Region.

No casualties were recorded but the driver of the car and his companions cried uncontrollably in despair watching on as the four-wheel-drive burned into aches.

“i have called Akatsi fire service for their support yet they told me their car is not working”, Mike Azegi wailed as he speaks to

It’s taken several times for Dzodze fire service to come in to rescue the Nigerian business Tycoons, he added.

According to him, Bystanders who rushed to the scene tried to put out the flames in the car with a fire extinguisher, while others poured sand in the flames but all efforts proved futile.

The intervention by bystanders and witnesses at the scene of a burning car was not enough to salvage the car from total wreckage.

There hasn’t been an official word about details of the incident yet.

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