Daddy Lumba Dragged Into Obrafuor, Delay, Aisha Modi Beef.



At this point, we are not afraid to say that Aisha Modi talks too much. She has been in a war with Obrafuor for weeks and now, she is dragging the legendary Daddy Lumba’s name in it.


According to her, Obrafuor is not the only she has helped but he is the most ungrateful of the lot.

Speaking in a latest interview, Aisha made claims that he has helped lots of people which includes Lumba.

She says that when he was sick years ago, she was the one getting him drugs and spent about $800 on him.

“When Daddy Lumba fell sick I bought medicines that cost more than $800 for him. You are not the only one I have helped before but you are the most ungrateful amongst them. You cannot even appreciate what I’ve done for you but rather you are going about spreading lies.”

This comes after Obrafuor sued her and Delay for GHc800,000.

Weeks ago, Aisha Modi made claims that Obrafuor is cheated her after she invested close to $45,000 in his ‘Kasiebo’ song. Apparently, she lied and now Obrafuo is suing her.

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