Danger Looms! NDC Thugs With Guns And Weapons Threaten To Cause Chaos During The Election – Watch Video.

Thugs of the National Democratic Congruence (NDC), a political party headed by John Dramani Mahama with AK47 and other sharp objects as they have planned to cause mayhem in the coming 2020 December 7th election.

In the video, the men were seen with weapons like AK 47, knives just to mention few.

They could be heard saying that President Akuf-Addo has brought hardship in his tenure of office as the gentleman of the land.

One of the men who boldly said his name was Muhammadu Muntari and happens to be the leader of the amongst them was heard saying whenever he commands them they should take actions which he meant his men should cause chaos.

While Munatri, the ‘leader’ was heard speaking, two men were spotted firing in the air with his AK47 machine gun and another was also seen a knife.

Watch video below:

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