Election Day Dawns As US Picks Trump Or Biden.

Throughout the election, many of President Trump’s children have been out on the campaign trail in support of their father.

At a rally yesterday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the president was joined on stage by his eldest son, Don Jr.

Speaking to crowds of supporters, the younger Trump took shots at Joe Biden and the “mainstream media,” and called on people to vote.

“We need you to get out and bring your friends to vote tomorrow, and when we do, we can not only keep making America great again, but we can make liberals cry again!” he shouted. “Get out there and do it, Wisconsin! Get out there and do it!”

The president’s daughter Ivanka also took to the stage to say how proud she was of her father.

“Unlike politicians, he’s never forgot why he ran for president and who he’s fighting for – you!” she said. “Washington has not changed Donald Trump, Donald Trump has changed Washington.”

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