Funny Face Loses Temper, Rain Filthy Insults On His Baby Mama And In-Law [Watch Video].




Video of actor, Funny Face dirtying the mother of Ama Vanessa, his twin daughter’s baby mama who is also heavily pregnant for him, call her poor, and rain insults on them.


This video was played when GhPage’s Rashad visited the Ama Vanessa and her mother for an interview for her to clear the air.

According to Vanessa, the pregnant baby mama of actor and comedian Funny Face, he has been attacking her on several occasion at the least chance he gets.

Vanessa mentioned that Funny Face is not the man we see him be on social media.

Explaining her statements, Vanessa stated that the comic actor at the least provocation would insult her, the mother and her entire family till he gets ‘satisfied’.

To prove her claims, Vanessa released voice notes of Funny Face seriously and without mincing words insulting her [Vanessa] and her mother. Some of the words used were very harsh.

With no regard for the family, Funny Face aka ‘Kasoa Vandamme’ gave it hard to his mother-In-Law insulting her to the point of describing her private part and calling her names.

Watch the video below:

However, according to Funny Face, the above audio comes as a reply to Ama Vanessa after she had sent an audio insulting him.

In the audio, Vanessa was heard calling Funny Face an irresponsible man who only knows of sleeping with women and getting them pregnant but can’t perform his duties as a father.

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