Health Benefits Of Boiling Yam Without Peeling It.



The skin of yam that is normally peeled off contains proteins and vitamin B Complex.

It also has soluble fiber that absorbs sugar inside the yam.

‘When the yam is properly cooked, you peel off the skin before eating.

When you cook your yam with the skin, it will not increase the blood sugar level.

See Benefits of Boiling YAM without Peeling


Always cook your yam with the peels. Never peel your yam before cooking.

For those old enough to remember, you will recall that this was how our fathers and mothers used to cook their yam and even plantain.

They never peeled the skin until after cooking. If you peel yam before cooking, then the yam is likely to raise your sugar level because of its high carbohydrate and starch content.

But if you cook your yam with the peels, and peel it after cooking, what you have is already a balanced diet.

Yam peels are the most nutrient-rich part of yam.

Do you think it is an accident that goats prefer to eat yam peels to eating the yam? Keep yam peels on one side and yam on the other side- the goat will always rush to eat the peels. They instinctively know that the peels are more abundant in micronutrients.

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