‘I’ll Never Divorce My Husband Even If I Catch Him Cheating Severally’- Counselor Charlotte Oduro Reveals [watch video].



Famed Ghanaian counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has shockingly said she will never divorce her husband even if she should catch him cheating on her severally.


Appearing on Peace FM, the outspoken marriage and relationship ‘fixer’ said she wouldn’t let the bigger opportunity she has with the husband in the long term run be ruined simply because her husband cheated.

Here’s an extract of what she said;

I Was Never In Love With My Husband When We Met. My Idea Of A Perfect Man Didn’t Relate With Him But After Getting To Know Him And Realizing How Visionary He Was, I Changed My Mind About Him. I Slowly Started Developing Feelings Towards Him.

There Is Something I Always Say And That Is I’ll NEVER Divorce My Husband Based On Cheating Because Aside Cheating On Me, He Has A Lot More To Offer Me And I Won’t Allow That Opportunity Pass Me By Just Because He Cheated On Me.



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