LIVE: Watch Kyeiwaa’s Wedding Ceremony Happing Now in USA

Kyeiwaa's Wedding in USA

The wedding ceremony of popular Ghanaian actress, Rose Mensah popularly known as “Kyeiwaa” is happening now live in the United States of America.

In the early hours of today there were a lot of people talking about her on social media whiles her wedding photographs were circulating on the internet.

The “White” wedding of Kyeiwaa is what is currently happening as she ties the knot with her husband Mr. Micheal Kissi Asare. This is actually the final wedding rites she and her husband are undergoing after they finished with 2 others some months ago.

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They earlier on had their marriage certified and ordained in the court of law in the United States after which they went ahead to perform the Ghanaian traditional marriage rites now followed by their “White” wedding.

Kyeiwaa’s wedding is one of the most trending events on the internet at the moment and that is why we are sharing with you the live footage of this ceremonial event LIVE from the United States.

We at AfricaParrot.Com congratules Rose Mensah and her husband Mr. Micheal Kissi Asare on their special day. We wish them all the best of lack in their union. Watch Kyeiwaa’s Wedding Ceremony LIVE from the United State on Facebook.

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