Madina Market Women Blast Disinfection Squad.




Madina Market was disinfected due to COVID-19 on Wednesday 10th November, by the disinfection squad. The exercise led to a banter between the squad and the Market women.

The women said they should have done the spraying on Sunday since most do not come to work but the exercise on Wednesday, which is a working day has caused them great loss and less income.

Most Shops were closed down because of the spraying and some traders had to leave the market because the scent was very strong and inhaling it can cause damage to one’s health.

The women complained bitterly because they’ll lose income and can’t feed their family, they are really aggressive and full of anger towards the situation they’ve been put in.

Madina Market Women Blast Disinfection Squad. 4

Refusing to talk on camera, some of them claimed the media isn’t doing anything to help them and only know how to come take videos but they don’t get any fruitful results so they won’t speak to any media.

Some also asserted that when they talk, the leaders or owners of the place will sack them so they won’t be on camera.

Find below video coverage of the few who agreed to talk to Ghana Crusader’s Reporter Jemima Sarfowaah on the said condition.

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