Man jailed 5 years for butchering friend over GHS5 worth of bread in Yilo Krobo.



A young man whose name was identified as  Richard Arku, alias ‘Dadabi has been sentenced to five years imprisonment by a court in the Nkurakan in the Yilo Krobo municipality which was presided by Her Honour Mrs Mariam Affoh.


According to reports, a young man who was butchered and goes by the name of Ayittey Joshua revealed that he closed from work and bought bread which he would eat early the next morning before he goes to work only to be met by his friend Richard who they grew up together.

Richard who decided to escort the friend took the bread and vanished which resulted in him going to his place to check up on him and get back his bread which resulted in him getting butchered in the knee, upper arm, and back.

He stated saying;

When I was returning home in the evening, I bought GHS5 worth of bread. So, I met Tetteh Dadabi, who I play a lot with. He collected the bread and escorted me home. I was with another friend. Then all of a sudden, Tettey Dadabi varnished with the bread.”

So, my friend said we should go and search for him in his house but while in the house, the boy entered with a cutlass threatening to kill us. It was an ambush. I had nothing to defend myself, so, he attacked me with a cutlass; cut my knee, my upper arm, and my back


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