No woman can do without a man – Iona Reine.



In the era of feminism cum women empowerment, contemporary ladies are of the view that they can do everything all by themselves without the involvement or input of a sound thinking man not Funny Face’s type of man – LOL.


But it seems Songstress Iona’s thinking and philosophy towards life contradicts that of the feminists we have in our part of the world.

Thus, Songstress Iona who is also a midwife in the studios of Hitz FM has insisted that every woman, no matter how strong she appears, needs a man by her side.

“In God’s own wisdom, He created a man first and then he added the woman. God could have created the woman first and left her there but even the man who was created as a whole was not supposed to be alone, how much more the woman who was created from a rib picked from his side. You are dependent on him”, she explained.

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