NPP And NDC Do Not Have Dominance On The Constituencies – iRIS Report.



Research findings from iRIS Research Consortium has revealed that none of the two main political parties- the NPP and the NDC- have a “dominant edge” over the 275 constituencies.

The report released on Monday 2 November reveals the governing NPP’s safe constituencies are located in the Ashanti Region where they are assured of 36 safe seats out of 47 constituencies.

In the Eastern Region, the NPP boasts of 12 safe seats out of 33 constituencies.

The NDC’s safe seat constituencies are more regionally spread out despite the greater majority being in the Volta Region, implying 18 safe seats out of 18 constituencies.

“The NDC has 70 constituencies [nationwide] that are deemed ‘solid/safe’ while the NPP has 66 in the same category. Further disaggregation of the data shows that NPP’s ‘solid/safe’ constituencies are located in six (6) regions with the Ashanti region alone accounting for 51% of the total,” the iRIS Research Consortium report said.

The report authored by Dr. Khalid Musah, Dr. John Osae-Kwapong and Dr. Theo Acheampong further indicated, “The NDC, on the other hand, has its ‘solid/safe’ constituencies spread out in 13 regions. The Volta Region, the party’s stronghold, accounts for 27% of the total.

These estimates suggest that the NDC’s core support base is more geographically distributed across the country while the majority of the NPP’s base support is concentrated in the Ashanti Region.”

Read below the entire report.

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