Prophet Kumchacha To Present A Gift To Victim Of Bl0wjob Robber.



Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha, has given his take on the ‘blow job’ robber saga.


Recalled a robber had his manhood bitten off after requesting for oral sex from a 23-year-old he had drugged and raped.

Kumchacha, making his opinion known, said the victim deserves accolades, adding that he has prepared a gift for her.

He said the victim should have bitten the entire manhood, including the scrotum off simultaneously to the glory of God.

The spiritual man, who believes vengeance must not always be left to the Lord, advised women to emulate the bravery of the victim.

Prophet Kumchacha added the victims should start from the lips of the rapist, down to the inner thighs and finally to the manhood.

Elaborating how the deed should be done in an interview on Accra-based Okay FM, Kumchacha advised the women to use their teeth like a knife, such that the rapist will barely survive.

That, he said will please God, and in turn reward the woman with more might to fight off physical abusers.

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