Shocking! Captain Smart Leaves Angel FM.

The controversial Smart has been off the screen of Angel TV for days now without his colleagues and employers revealing the reason.

This triggered our team to check on the his social media pages for further checks.

Captain Smart who mostly post his “Anopa Bofo” show live on his Facebook wall this time, did not share the show on his wall but rather a live show of Pent TV which is affiliated to the Church of Pentecost.

Many were stunned about his post about Pent TV. Social Media then started asking questions.

Below are some of the reactions below about his post

” Captain Smart finally leaves Angel TV for Pent TV anaa ? I was expecting a post about the Angel TV morning show but he posted about Pent TV live.” Kofi Gyeabour reacted

“Captain Smart have started sharing about Pent TV. Is he going there as CEO? Because the Captain Smart brand is too big linked to Pent. He May be it’s next boss”.


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