Today’s Pastors Have Blocked Their Ears With Their Evil Deeds To Hear From God – Kwasi Ernest.

Artiste manager and CEO of Excel Media, Kwasi Ernest, has stated that the current lifestyle of some prophets in Ghana blocks their chances of hearing from God.

Kwasi Ernest was making a contribution to the issue of election pro

Speaking with Ola Michael on Peace FM, Kwasi Ernest stated that unlike in the days of Biblical prophets, whose prophesies came to pass because they were true prophets, the same can’t be said about men of God today.

Citing Isaiah 7:14, which prophesied the birth of Christ to make his point, Kwasi Ernest disclosed that  if that prophesy was made in today’s dispensation no one would have believed it even though it came to pass at the time it was made.

Kwasi Ernest also quoted Mathew 7:15 which cautions against false prophets to buttress his point that indeed there are false prophets in the system.

He said the prophets of old were dedicated to the word, genuinely worshipped and revered God which is why He was close to them making it easier to reveal himself to them.

Kwasi Ernest further reiterated that the unholy actors of some prophets in Ghana today does not allow even an angel to speak to them let alone God himself.

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