Video: Wenchi MP Gyan-Baffour donates laptop computers, desks to St. R/C Primary School

MP for Wechi Constituency Professor Gyan-Baffour, has donated ultramodern laptop computers to the St. Clement Roman Catholic Primary School at the Wenchi Constituency.

The laptops were received by the Head of the Catholic School on behalf of the pupils.

The purpose of donating the laptops is to ensure that Information Technology education in the Wenchi constituency meets the international standard of education.

Prof. Gyan Baffour indicated that the provision of the laptop computers will broaden the horizon of the pupils since the World has become a Global village.

He indicated that research is key in the educational sector hence, the laptop computers will serve as a purpose of research tool for the pupils.

Prof. Gyan Baffour MP further donated school desks to the Roman Catholic School, and also commissioned an ultramodern toilet facility to the School.

He pointed out that education empowerment is one of his focus in the Wenchi Constituency, and will ensure that the standard requirements in attaining a higher education would be provided.

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