“We Create Problems For Ourselves By Befriending People We Should Just Greet And Pass” – Stephen Appiah.



Ex-Ghanaian international soccer player and former captain of the Black Stars, Stephen Appiah has said that sometimes the people we make our friends account for some of the problems we encounter.

Stephen Appiah whose nickname is Tornado, in a post on social media explained that, we sometimes invite people to be part of our lives, letting them in on our secrets, vulnerabilities, strength among other things thinking they’re true friends.

Tornado further intimidated that some people who ideally we should just greet and pass, become our source of all sorts of problems because they’re so bad that one shouldn’t be friends with them.

“Sometimes we create problems for ourselves by becoming friends with people we should just greet and pass” the post read.

Stephen Appiah raises a cogent point as many people considered to be friends have ended up becoming modern day Judas Iscariot, betraying the trust reposed in them for their parochial interests.

While it is obvious that everyone wishes to have honest and loyal friends, sometimes picking the right ones become an issue as one can never truly tell the intention of others until it’s too late.

"We Create Problems For Ourselves By Befriending People We Should Just Greet And Pass" – Stephen Appiah. 4

Well, Stephen Appiah advices we be on the lookout and not rush to add just anyone to our friend list.

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