Welder Imprisoned For Raping A 5-Year-Old Girl At Spintex.



John Appew Ala 38 years old welder has been imprisonment for defiling Five years old girl at Spintex in the Greater Accra Region.

According to source, the little girl was deceived by John Appew that, he’s going to teach her how to drive not knowing he has bad intention towards her.

Through the victim narration,VJohn Appew pull her pant to one side and penetrate through her womanhood.

The victim’s mother is unemployed and struggling to earn something for her family.

According to John Appew he was pleased guilty and was given 20 years imprisonment.

According to investigation and medical records the victim was penetrated with fingers and manhood.

John Appew the prosecutor is going to face the law for his actions. So sad a heartbreaking for doing such bad to an innocent little girl.

How can some men be so bad to extend of using your fingers and manhood to penetrate into a five year old girl.

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