Breaking: Senegal becomes first African country to raise flag on Wall Street

Senegal, a country in West Africa, has become the first country in Africa to raise her flag on the Wall Street, the financial hub of the world after global Covid-19 Pandemic.

This event, which took place on Friday, July 8 at Bowling Green Park 26 Broadway in New York, was initiated and organized by the Association of Senegalese-Americans (ASA) led by Amadou Sadio Barry and was supported by Senegalese Mission in New York and Africa Union Day Foundation led by Sheikh Musa Drammeh and Gbenga Suhaib.

This event was attended US elected officials, Turkish diplomats and businessmen, popular African-American activists and politicians in New York, Senegalese diplomats, musicians, businessmen/women and financial experts.

Below are the pictorial illustrations of how the historical event was celebrated.

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