July 23, 2024
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Iraq reiterates support for OPEC+ decisions


The Republic of Iraq has confirmed that OPEC+ oil production quotas is attached to market stability and requirements.

According to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry “it is following the responses of OPEC+ decision on oil production cuts and its repercussions”.

It added that the approach adopted within the group reflects a technical vision attached to oil market stability and requirements, regulating the offer and demand process and protection of producers and consumers alike.

The statement added that the ministry rejects any policy aiming to mount pressure and supports the cartel’s position, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In this regard, the ministry called for the necessity of addressing every dispute concerning this issue through natural means and in the context of direct and balanced dialogue.

It also called for a resolution in a manner that reflects the importance of the international partnership in efforts to devote security and stability in the region and the world.

In Nouakchott, Mauritania expressed steadfast stance by the side of Saudi Arabia, supporting the clarifications it has submitted regarding OPEC+ decision which was unanimously passed by producers aiming to protect the world economy in the face of oil price fluctuations and enhance world market stability.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that Mauritania is keen to announce that it supports Saudi Arabia not to succumb to any foreign dictates trying to influence OPEC+ decision which was taken by the consensus of member states.

Mauritania reiterated its absolute rejection of whatever threatens or harms the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s security or sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the Union of the Comoros expressed solidarity with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, in the wake of statements made in the context of OPEC+ decision.

The leadership of Union of the Comoros affirmed its full support with Saudi Arabia regarding the OPEC+ decision, which was taken unanimously, calling for the importance of prevailing language of dialogue and consultation in order to reach a solution that guarantees the preservation of global economic security and balance.

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