June 19, 2024

NYS Senator Luis Sepulvesa leads healthy lifestyle campaign in New York City


New York State Senator Luis Sepulveda of the Bronx has led the campaign for healthy lifestyle in New York City.

According to the senator, the campaign is aimed at saving precious lives and the runaway healthcare expenditures in New York State.

A bill designating October a Healthy Lifestyle month is a prudent beginning towards reversing the state’s unsustainable spending on healthcare, criminal justice system and preventable unhealthy lifestyle deaths.

“Healthy Lifestyle can prevent most deadly diseases, reverse chronic illnesses, close health disparities, improve quality of life and increase longevity.

“The top ten deadliest and most expensive diseases in our state are mostly preventable or can be effectively managed with healthy lifestyle,” Sepulvesa said.

He added, “And the best, cheapest and most effective healthcare for individuals, families and governments is healthy lifestyle.”

Against the backdrop of October being officially the Healthy Lifestyle month, clergy must therefore incorporate the healthy lifestyle campaign into all their services particularly their weekend sermons and programs.

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