June 25, 2024

Saudi-Qatar trade exchange reach SR802 million in 2022


Minister of Investment Eng. Khalid Al-Falih has discussed at the headquarters of the Saudi Chambers Union with the chairman and members of the Saudi Qatari Business Council.

During the meeting, which took place Friday, the role and agenda of the council in enhancing the economic relations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the State of Qatar were discussed.

Highlighting the agenda of the meeting, the minister of investment underscored the interest enjoyed by the Saudi Qatari relations at the highest level.

He noted that the Kingdom represents an economic strategic depth for Qatar while Qatar represents a great economic importance to the Kingdom.

He underscored the importance of continuing the efforts and communication to open more opportunities for the business sectors in the two countries and enhance joint trade and investment.

Al-Falih lauded the role of his ministry as a booster and enabler for the Saudi investment abroad.

He noted that the Saudi Qatari Business Council is among the important ones and that Saudi Arabia is keen to support it in a way that upgrades the economic ties between the two countries to the highest levels.

He was briefed on the plans, objectives, projects and initiatives of the Saudi Qatari Business Council to enhance economic relations between the two countries as well as relevant issues.

For his part, Hamad Bin Ali Al-Shuwaier, chairman of the Saudi Qatari Business Council, said that the council is working to draft a study to analyze the economic development witnessed by the two countries.

He cited that the trade exchange size between the two countries has amounted to about SR802 million in the first half of 2022.

He noted that the council is planning to forge innovative programs and initiatives to increase investment, provide qualitative partnerships and enhance economic integration.

The meeting recommended to hold a Saudi Qatari investment forum to showcase available investment opportunities and continue efforts leading to a smooth trade and export flow between the two countries.

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