Brentwood pawn shop owner charged with running organized retail theft ring

A pawnshop owner in Brentwood, along with several associates, has been indicted for allegedly running an organized retail theft crime ring that operated out of his shop, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney.

Carlos Ulloa, 50, of Patchogue, owned and operated EZ Cash Pawn and Jewelry located at 1913 Brentwood Rd. He’s also the renter of a warehouse in East Patchogue where numerous allegedly stolen items were recovered, Tierney says. Ulloa was indicted on numerous charges, including enterprise corruption and money laundering.

“During the course of our investigation, we were able to identify additional associates involved in this massive stolen property fencing operation, and learned that their scheme originated in early May 2020, demonstrating these individuals had financially benefited from stealing other people’s property for an extended period of time,” said Tierney.

Sandra Palomino, Henry Delgado and Sandra Cruz, along with several corporate entities, were also all indicted. Delago, 41, of Patchogue, allegedly laundered the proceeds of the sale of the stolen merchandise. Cruz, 23, of Patchogue, managed the warehouse and allegedly sold the stolen goods online through websites. Palomino was also a manager of the pawn shop and its employees.

“Investigations of organized retail theft has been a number one priority for my administration since I took office,” said Tierney.

“This extensive investigation allowed us to charge all the persons associated with EZ Pawn’s massive stolen property fencing operation. The prosecution of these defendants will not stop our efforts. In Suffolk County you cannot steal other people’s property. We are using every law enforcement tool at our disposal to see that these types of criminals are prosecuted.”

Tierney says John Parry, Denisse Robles, who is the wife of Ulloa, Samy Linarest-Ramirez and his wife, Blanca Patricia Menjivar Acevedo, have also been indicted since those August arrests.

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