Elon Musk runs poll on bringing Trump back to Twitter

Elon Musk posted a Twitter poll Friday night on whether former president Trump should be returned to Twitter — and as of 10 p.m., those favoring Trump’s comeback led those opposed, 53% to 47%.

At that hour, about 4 million people had answered Musk’s extremely simple poll: “Reinstate former President Trump,” he wrote, with two options, yes or no.

Among those favoring Trump’s return was Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz. “Hell YES,” Cruz tweeted.

One user asked Musk if the poll could be truly representative.

“When polls are about a significant question, even those who don’t follow me tend to hear about it,” Musk replied.

“That said, I agree with the idea of an all-user poll. Should also be an all-user by country poll.”

Twitter reinstated controversial figures Kathy Griffin and Jordan Peterson on Thursday — but Musk said at the time no decision had been made on Trump’s reinstatement.

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