Ugandans react as parliament approves $464m loan to finance infrastructures

Fierce reactions have trailed the approval of a $464 million loan approved by the Ugandan parliament.

According to the parliament, the approval of the presidency’s request was aimed at financing infrastructures across the country.

While disclosing this in a tweet on Friday November 4, 2020, the parliament noted, “The $464 million loan from Standard Chartered Bank and other international lenders will be used to finance the development of infrastructure.”

“The House has approved a request to borrow to US$ 464.13 million from Standard Chartered Bank and other financial institutions to finance the development and infrastructure budget for the fiscal year 2022/23,” the tweet reads.

Reacting, a Ugandan, Kamukama Anthony, wrote, “I was following the proceedings, this house is full of greed. The speaker can’t listen [to] the experts from the opposition. The democratic decision is not always fair; you are selling our country in daylight. But it’s okay.”

Another Ugandan, Innocent Ugandan, reacted that the parliament is the country’s “problem”.

“Your (sic) the problem of Uganda and Museveni with his family…we shall lack good words for you because you all care about your families not the people of Uganda. You same people passed the Museveni-Congo evasion.”

@Nantongo_h kicked against the approval of the loan, stressing that there is an ulterior motive behind it.

“This is a warning to The NRM MPS who approved that bogus loan of US 464.13 so that they can continue driving expensive cars. When this government changes we will hunt you and your children to pay for that loan. We will sell everything you and your family have to pay for that loan!”

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