July 22, 2024
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US pushes for elections, stability in Libya


The US special envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, said on Thursday he shared the frustration of Libyans over delays to the country’s long-awaited elections.

Speaking at a news conference at the headquarters of the Libyan High National Elections Committee in Tripoli, Norland urged all parties to move swiftly towards producing “a successful outcome.”

On the economy, he said oil revenues in Libya amounted to between 100 million and 150 million US dollars per day, and that the money is accumulating in Libya’s bank account abroad.

“We are seeing a greater interest than ever in trying to come up with a mechanism whereby Libyans can agree on how that money should be spent and how to have an accountability and oversight mechanism for transparent management of those funds,” he added.

He also discussed the country’s security situation with the National Unity Government, the Presidential Council and the State.

“Libyans truly want to see progress on the issue of departure foreign mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces,” he added.

Oil-rich Libya is split by rival administrations, one in the east, backed by military commander Khalifa Hifter, and a UN-supported administration in the west, in capital of Tripoli.

Each side is supported by different militias and foreign powers.

Libya’s current political crisis stems from the failure to hold elections in December 2021 and the refusal of Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah, who led a transitional government in Tripoli, to step down.

In response, the country’s east-based parliament appointed a rival prime minister, Fathy Bashagha, who has for months sought to install his government in Tripoli.

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