June 25, 2024

President Barrow urges Gambian youth to acquire skills for “decent livelihood”


The Gambian President, Adama Barrow, has urged the country’s youth to capitalise on the opportunities his government provides to acquire skills for a decent livelihood.

The president disclosed this on Friday December 9, 2022.

The president addressed a massive crowd in a joint meeting of Busumbala and Old Yundum Constituencies as part of the ongoing Meet The People Tour.

Barrow stated that his government is building high-standard skill centres nationwide to enable youth to become self-employed or employers.

While lamenting the youth’s irregular “backway” migration, President Barrow noted that it substantially impacted the nation’s demographic dividend.

He added that the next five years would be devoted to the country’s youth.

He stated, “There are opportunities in The Gambia to earn a decent living, and my government has developed policies that are youth development driven.”

President Barrow addressed the people’s concerns about electricity, water, and roads by announcing that several settlements in the area would have electricity and that there are also roads planned for development that had already been inspected.

In a previous speech, the Minister of local government and lands, Hon. Abba Sheriff Sanyang, urged Gambians to protect the available lands for present and future generations’ use and development.

He also called for the advancement of peace, stating that peace and unity are the foundation of every progressive nation.

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