July 22, 2024
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US issues new Hezbollah-related sanctions against 3 individuals, 2 companies in Lebanon


The US issued new Hezbollah-related sanctions on Thursday against three individuals and two companies in Lebanon for providing financial services and weapons to the Iran-backed group.

“These designations target individuals and companies that manage and enable Hezbollah’s overarching financial apparatus operating throughout Lebanon, including Al-Qard Al-Hassan (AQAH) and Hezbollah’s Central Finance Unit,” a statement from the US Treasury Department said.

Both units deal with Hezbollah’s finances, and the latter oversees the group’s budget at the direction of Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general.

“Their public personae as financial professionals and institutions is just another way Hezbollah hides its abuse of the financial system to support its destabilizing agenda,” said Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson.

The Treasury Department said Thursday’s sanctions underscore how Hezbollah remains “at its core, a terrorist organization determined to procure weapons that undermine Lebanon’s security and stability even as the country suffers a dire financial crisis.”

Adel Mohamad Mansour and his company Al-Khobara were both sanctioned. According to the Treasury Department, Hezbollah aided Al-Khobara’s employees in dealing with Lebanon’s Finance Ministry regarding tax payments.

Auditors is the second Lebanese company sanctioned, as it allegedly provides financial services to Hezbollah’s Central Finance Unit.

Naser Hasan Neser and Hassan Khalil were the other two individuals designated.

Neser is accused of acting for or on behalf of the sanctioned Auditors. He is alleged to report to senior Hezbollah’s Executive Council and Central Finance Unit.

Khalil was designated for working to procure weapons on behalf of Hezbollah.

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