June 22, 2024

US police report Saudi man visiting Ohio as missing


A Saudi citizen visiting the US has gone missing in Cleveland, Ohio, police said, adding that an investigation into the incident has been launched.

A police statement shared in a post on Twitter on Saturday, identified the man as 30-year-old Abdul Alanazi.

The statement said that Alanazi, who was identified by some Arabic media as Omar Alanazi, “was reported missing on January 27 at approximately 10 a.m.”

Police added that Alanazi was out with his friends in the downtown area Thursday night.

“He [then] went with a group to the East 9th Street Pier at approximately 2:30 a.m. to look at the water,” police added.

When the group went to leave, Alanazi reportedly walked away from them, the police and local FOX 8 News reported.

The group, the police added, tried searching for Alanazi but didn’t find him.

Police have put out a notice for anyone with information to call 911 or 216-621-1234. Alanazi was last seen wearing a beige jacket and pants and police said he does not speak English.

Alanazi’s disappearance comes a few days after Saudi citizen Al-Walid al-Gharbi was murdered in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

The 25-year-old was allegedly stabbed to death in his apartment building by 19-year-old Nicole Marie Rodgers from Georgia.

Rodgers is in police custody and has been charged with premeditated murder, theft, and several other charges.

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