June 25, 2024

President Barrow urges peaceful coexistence as Gambia celebrates 58 years of nationhood


The Gambia has celebrated its 58 years of nationhood.

The colourful ceremony was held at the McCarthy Square in Banjul on Saturday February 18, 2023.

The event featured a spectacular parade by the security forces and a march-past by students.

In his address, President Adama Barrow said, “Convinced that democracy is a framework to attain peace, development, and stability, my government is duly committed to good governance entrenched in the principles of democracy. We believe in democracy for peace and development, as well as democracy for self-determination, economic growth and protection of human dignity.

“In brief, we believe in inclusive democracy for inclusive development and stability.”

He added, “In our model of democracy, the government legitimately derives its mandate and authority from the people and, hence, must defend their values and principles, beliefs and practices, aspirations and social structures. In this way, there is harmony between the government and the people.”

Barrow noted that the National Day is a reminder to showcase patriotism and loyalty as proud Gambians who are willing to accommodate one another.

“To this end, my government is determined to unite the people to work together for peace and development and leave behind durable achievements.

“Our governance approach and development initiatives illustrate our commitment to democracy and how we have successfully used it as a development model,” he said.

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