June 19, 2024

Ugandan Ghetto kids make history at Britain’s Got Talent


Uganda Ghetto Kids has made a powerful debut on Britain’s Got Talent – leaving an unforgettable impression on the judges and audience alike.

Their dance performance was so electrifying that they made history. The golden buzzer, which is to be pressed after the end of the show, was pressed in the middle of the performance by one of the judges who couldn’t control his joy watching the kids dance.

Headed by Daouda Kavuma, the orphanage provides shelter to 30 homeless children, some orphans.

Ugandan ghetto kids, as described by their founder, are on a mission to uplift children in all facets of their existence, leveraging the power of music and drama to create a brighter future.

The Ugandan ghetto kids have attracted the world’s attention with their outstanding dance performances. The hard work they invest in dance has earned them both national and international recognition.

Eager to gain wider recognition for their talents, these individuals decided to take their shot on the hit British television reality show, British Got Talent.

The group was able to land a spot in the competition show, and their performance was one to write home about.

Ugandan Ghetto Kids lit up the room with their first performance and got the audience and the judges up on their feet, and they were thrilled at what the children were doing.

The video of the group’s performance has gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter.

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