July 23, 2024
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Journalist shot dead in Cameroon northwest region


A journalist has been shot dead in the northwest region of Cameroon, according to a statement from the local journalists union.

Anye Nde Nsoh, the bureau chief for “The Advocate” weekly newspaper in the west and northwest region, was in a pub in Bamenda’s Ntarikon neighbourhood when he was targeted by unknown attackers.

This incident follows the killing of a radio presenter and a journalist in separate attacks near the capital Yaoundé earlier this year.

These events have raised concerns about the media environment in Cameroon, with the United Nations expressing alarm at the situation.

The killing of Nsoh took place amidst a conflict between Cameroonian authorities and some separatist factions in English-speaking regions that turned violent in 2017.

Thousands of people have been killed in the fighting between armed separatists and government troops, with atrocities committed on both sides.

The journalist’s death highlights the ongoing risks that journalists face in Cameroon and the dangers they encounter while carrying out their duties.

The killing of journalists not only violates their right to freedom of expression but also jeopardizes the ability of media outlets to provide accurate and reliable news to the public.

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