Angola, Portugal sign new cooperation agreement

The president of Angola, João Lourenço, has welcomed the Portuguese president, António Costa, in the capital, Luanda.

Ministers from both Portugal and Angola have concluded a series of agreements, totaling 13, encompassing various sectors such as finance and law.

Angolan President João Lourenço expressed satisfaction with the collaboration exhibited by the Portuguese justice system. 

He emphasized the exchange of information and the alignment of Angola’s anti-corruption strategy, noting that the Portuguese authorities were cooperative in fulfilling the requested actions. Lourenço further mentioned the positive progress made in finding suitable correspondents.

The Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, made an important announcement regarding financial support for Angola. He revealed a substantial increase in the credit line provided to Angola, stating that it has been raised from €1.5 billion to €2 billion. 

Costa emphasized that this decision aims to support Angola’s government in their ambitious plans and strategic approach to diversify the country’s economy.

The cooperation program between Portugal and Angola, encompassing the agreements and initiatives, is set to continue until 2027.

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