Opposition candidate in Sierra Leone demands resignation of electoral commission

Samura Kamara, the opposition candidate in Sierra Leone’s upcoming presidential elections, has called for the resignation of the electoral commission. 

Meanwhile, President Julius Maada Bio, representing the ruling SLPP party, seeks re-election for a second term.

During a press conference, Kamara stated, “The SLPP’s primary objective is not to ensure free, fair, non-violent, and credible elections. Therefore, the APC demands the immediate resignation of Mr. Mohamed Konneh and all electoral commissioners, to be replaced by an independent and internationally recognized team of electoral commissioners.”

The country, with a population of approximately 8 million people, is scheduled to hold presidential, parliamentary, and local elections on June 24th.

It’s worth noting that Samura Kamara, the leader of the APC and opposition candidate, currently faces a corruption trial. If found guilty, he will be ineligible to participate in the election or hold public office in the state.

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