June 19, 2024

Trip to China aims at ‘avoiding miscalculations’ — Blinken


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his intention to visit China in order to foster improved communication, address misperceptions, and prevent any misjudgments.

Recognizing the intense competition between the United States and China, Blinken emphasized the importance of sustained diplomacy to ensure that competition remains peaceful and does not escalate into confrontation or conflict.

The international community expects both nations to uphold this responsibility.

During his trip, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, Blinken aims “to establish open and effective channels of communication to responsibly manage the relationship between the two countries.”

He also seeks to clarify US interests and values while exploring potential areas of cooperation such as global economic stability, combating drug trafficking, and addressing climate and health concerns.

Blinken also intends to raise concerns about US citizens who have been detained by China, including businessman Kai Li and pastor David Lin.

The visit takes place amidst strained relations between the United States and China, particularly concerning Taiwan, China’s global political and security influence, and economic matters. Blinken’s trip does not aim for a breakthrough or transformation but rather seeks to improve relations and manage differences. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin emphasized the need for the United States to work together with China to enhance their relationship, criticizing the view of China as a primary rival and geopolitical challenge.

Wang regarded such labeling as a strategic misjudgment and warned against irresponsible bullying, which he believed would lead to confrontation and a divided world.

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