June 22, 2024

Israel’s Netanyahu discharged after night in hospital


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from Sheba medical centre near Tel Aviv on Sunday after being admitted for dehydration. The 73-year-old leader had spent the previous day in the scorching heat of the Sea of Galilee in Israel’s north, which caused him to experience dizziness. Netanyahu’s office and the hospital confirmed that he was in “excellent condition” after completing a series of tests.

Professor Amit Segev, the head of cardiology at Sheba, stated that the reason for Netanyahu’s hospitalization was dehydration, as determined by various tests, including laboratory examinations. As part of the cardiological evaluation, the hospital implanted a subcutaneous Holter device to monitor his heart regularly.

Following the completion of his medical assessment, Netanyahu’s office announced his departure from the hospital. The Israeli Prime Minister, who was reelected in late 2022, leads a hard-right coalition and has faced ongoing protests due to the coalition’s proposed judicial reforms. Additionally, he is currently standing trial for corruption charges, which he denies.

This is not the first time Netanyahu has experienced health issues. In October of last year, he was hospitalized overnight after feeling unwell during the Jewish fast of Yom Kippur. In a video message released from the hospital on Saturday, Netanyahu attributed his dehydration to spending hours outdoors “in the sun, without a hat, without water.” He took the opportunity to encourage Israelis to be cautious during hot weather, advising them to spend less time in the sun and increase their water intake.

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