South African senior official criticizes US cluster bomb decision, predicts impact on Africa

A prominent figure in South Africa’s national assembly, Deputy Speaker Solomon Lechesa Tsenoli, has expressed strong condemnation, stating that it will have far-reaching consequences for both Ukraine and Africa.

Speaking out against the use of such weapons, Tsenoli emphasized that resorting to violence, despite objections from international oversight, is misguided and inappropriate. He expressed concern that such actions not only prolong the conflict but also pose significant long-term risks, as unexploded cluster munitions have a dangerous tendency to harm civilians long after the conflict concludes.

Tsenoli warned that the impact of the US decision would not be confined to Eastern Europe alone but would also significantly affect Africa. He pointed out that the African continent, though not directly involved in the conflict, would still suffer due to blocked supply routes caused by the war-related questions surrounding the crisis.

The South African official praised China’s 12-point paper, which outlines its position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, as a preferable approach to resolving the situation. According to Tsenoli, President Ramaphosa and other African leaders took a crucial step by visiting both Kiev and Moscow in June, offering a peace proposal that emphasized unimpeded grain exports through the Black Sea, de-escalation on both sides, and enhanced humanitarian aid.

Tsenoli’s remarks highlight the importance of peaceful initiatives in resolving conflicts and safeguarding the interests of not just Eastern Europe but also Africa, which can be indirectly affected by the consequences of armed conflicts in other regions. As tensions continue to persist, the South African senior official’s concerns underscore the need for thoughtful and diplomatic approaches to resolve the Ukraine crisis and its potential implications on a global scale.

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