July 22, 2024
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Sudanese refugees in Libya plead for UN assistance amid desperate circumstances


Sudanese refugees who sought refuge in Libya due to the relentless violence in their homeland have appealed to the United Nations (UN) to intervene and alleviate their dire situation. Fleeing the ongoing conflict in Sudan, these refugees have been living in temporary accommodations, facing numerous challenges as they struggle to survive.

Nour Ismail, a Sudanese refugee who arrived in Tripoli with his family from Khartoum, shared his harrowing experience. Ismail, who managed to escape the war and safely reach Libya in May, recounted the loss of his parents to the conflict and the injuries he sustained. He now faces the urgent need for a life-saving operation on his leg, which could prevent amputation. Expressing his frustration, Ismail claimed that despite repeatedly seeking assistance from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) since his arrival, their response had been indifferent. “We eat from the streets. Some people provide us with food as we wander the streets,” he revealed.

The situation for Sudanese refugees in Libya remains dire, with limited access to basic necessities. Ismail, along with countless others, continues to seek the attention of the international community, urging them to address their plight. “We implore them to provide us with shelter. As Sudanese refugees, we came here seeking asylum, longing for a safe place. We do not wish to remain in Libya; we simply ask for asylum from humanitarian organizations. We yearn to be relocated to a secure destination,” Ismail emphasized.

However, Libya itself is grappling with its own political crises, struggling to address the living conditions of its people amidst a divided government. As a result, the country is ill-equipped to handle the influx of refugees. The United Nations revealed on July 12 that the conflict in Sudan has forcibly displaced over 3.1 million individuals, with more than 700,000 seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

The urgent plea of Sudanese refugees in Libya serves as a poignant reminder of the dire consequences of ongoing conflicts in the region. Their desperate call for assistance resonates with the international community, urging swift action to provide these vulnerable individuals with the protection and support they so desperately need.

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