International scholars condemn Israel’s actions in Palestine, call for accountability, global action

In a powerful exchange of perspectives at the Conference on Contemporary Thought in the Muslim World, Prof. Syed Farid Alatas and Dr. Berdal Aral jointly denounced Israel’s actions in Palestine, urging a united front for justice.

Prof. Syed Farid Alatas Advocates Global Pressure Amid Growing Support for Palestine

Prof. Syed Farid Alatas, a distinguished scholar from the National University of Singapore, asserted that Israel’s actions in Gaza flagrantly violate international law.

Speaking passionately, he emphasized a rising consciousness and support for Palestine in Europe and the USA.

However, Alatas decried the silence of Western governments, drawing parallels between their handling of the Ukraine conflict and the Palestine situation.

Highlighting historical liberation movements, Alatas proposed a sustained effort for Palestine’s liberation.

He urged a strategy mirroring the successful approach against apartheid in South Africa—boycotts and diplomatic pressure on Israel. Alatas stressed the inevitability of violence in colonial administration, citing historical examples, and called for Muslim world leaders to isolate Israel and compel Western nations to reconsider their support.

Prof. Dr. Berdal Aral Exposes Violations of International Law in Gaza

Dr. Berdal Aral, representing Istanbul Medeniyet University, condemned Israel’s recent attacks in Gaza as blatant violations of fundamental principles of international law.

He pointed out the indiscriminate targeting of civilians, hospitals, schools, and civilian areas, labeling it a form of genocide.

Aral underscored the severity of war crimes committed, including the denial of essential necessities like water, food, and medicine.

Notably, he highlighted the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) investigation into Israel’s actions, emphasizing the potential for prosecuting Israeli officials.

Aral suggested the United Nations General Assembly as an avenue for accountability, noting its lack of a veto mechanism and the possibility of establishing a court in Palestinian territories.

In a concluding statement, Aral asserted that the upcoming trial in Israel must hold accountable not only Prime Minister Netanyahu but also any individuals found guilty of war or genocide crimes, including government officials and commanders.

The scholars’ calls resonate globally, urging collective action to address the ongoing crisis in Palestine and bring those responsible to justice.

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