July 22, 2024
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King Charles III holds historic meeting with family of Kenyan rebel leader executed by British


On Wednesday, King Charles III granted a private audience to the family of the iconic Kenyan independence leader, Dedan Kimathi, who was executed by the British colonial authorities during the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

Families of other notable Kenyan independence warriors who suffered under British rule initially withheld immediate comments but have long been seeking justice.

They have demanded an official apology from Britain, compensation for the damages caused, and information regarding Kimathi’s final resting place.

The historic encounter allowed the monarch to gain a firsthand perspective on the atrocities committed against Kenyans during their quest for independence, as confirmed by the British High Commission.

Notable figures, including the chairperson of the Mau Mau War Veterans Association, were present to share their insights and grievances.

The scars of this dark period in Kenyan history still run deep, and tensions remain high.

In Nairobi, the nation’s capital, police had to disperse a gathering of protestors in front of a memorial honoring Dedan Kimathi, symbolizing the unresolved issues and the public’s desire for justice.

Juliet Wanjira, a prominent voice from the Mathare Social Justice Center, articulated a strong demand, stating, “All the land that remains under British control should be returned to the Kenyan people.”

She further called for the withdrawal of the British military training mission in Kenya, underscoring the significance of this historic meeting between the British monarch and the family of an iconic Kenyan freedom fighter.

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