Libya: Explosive blast shakes Zliten, no fatalities

In a harrowing turn of events, the peaceful city of Zliten was jolted by a massive explosion that echoed through the streets on Wednesday, leaving residents in shock.

The cause of the explosion was traced back to an ammunition warehouse that detonated, creating chaos and fear among the locals.

The incident, which occurred late in the evening, prompted an immediate response from the Ambulance and Emergency Service.

According to a report, first responders rushed to the scene, tirelessly working to evacuate the vicinity surrounding the explosion.

“As a result of the blast, two individuals suffered from suffocation due to the thick smoke that filled the air,” the report says.

Remarkably, and thankfully, authorities confirmed that there were no fatalities resulting from the explosion. However, the impact of the blast was not to be underestimated, as several nearby homes were damaged before the fire could be successfully contained, leaving many residents to deal with the aftermath.

The Interior Ministry swiftly initiated efforts to investigate the cause of the blaze, although no specific details have been disclosed thus far.

They emphasized that a comprehensive investigation is underway and called upon Zliten’s residents to report any findings of fragments or explosive remnants in the vicinity.

Coordinating their response, the authorities dispatched a specialized team to manage the aftermath of the explosion, working in close collaboration with the Zliten Criminal Investigation Department and other security services.

This joint effort aims to ensure that any remnants of the explosion are properly handled, and that the city can return to a state of normalcy as swiftly as possible.

The people of Zliten are undoubtedly shaken by the sudden and unexpected catastrophe that unfolded in their midst.

While they breathe a collective sigh of relief that no lives were lost, the impact of this explosion will undoubtedly linger in the memories of the residents, leaving them with a sense of unease until the full details surrounding the incident are unveiled.

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