Nigeria: Kangimi triumphs in thrilling showdown, claims 103rd Georgia Cup at Kaduna International Polo Tournament

In a heated competition that captivated spectators and fans alike, the Kaduna-based polo club Kangimi secured a historic victory at the 103rd Georgia Cup, a prominent event within the annual Kaduna International Polo Tournament.

The thrilling match, which saw Kangimi go head-to-head against the formidable El-Amin, ended in a resounding triumph for the Kaduna team, marking their return to glory after a decade of waiting.

The tournament’s media consultant, Pious Eromosele, made the exciting announcement in Lagos.

Kangimi’s previous Georgia Cup victory had come ten years before, making this win a momentous occasion for the team.

In an intense battle consisting of six chukkers, Kangimi displayed remarkable prowess, outscoring Mohammed Babangida’s El-Amin by a commanding margin of 13 goals to 7.

The game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), policeman Lado Aliyu, expressed his joy and optimism, stating, “Ten years’ drought of victory is something I’m excited about, excellent teamwork from my teammates and me. Hopefully, we don’t wait this long again to savor victory.”

Shehu Aliyu, the Group Executive of Retail Banking, North, emphasized FirstBank’s pride in being associated with the Georgian Cup.

He stated, “We believe in legacies, and we build legacies across our relationships, and that is what we at FirstBank do with our sponsorships. First Bank will continue to honor its commitment to the sponsorship of the Georgian Cup.

“In doing this, we have been able to support the nurturing and discovery of talents in most of the sports we are committed to. The Georgian Cup, which is the most prominent, is also part of our legacies because we believe in legacy.”

The Adamu Atta side, represented by a +18 goal team consisting of Lado Aliyu (+3), Abdulrahman Mohammed (+3), and two skilled mercenaries from Argentina, Facundo Ratamar (+6) and Nicolas Recaite (+6), overcame an early setback, rallying from a goal by Babangida’s El-Amin to send the crowd into wild jubilation.

Goals from Recaite, Lado, Retamar, and Abdulrahman propelled Kangimi to victory.

Despite a valiant effort from El-Amin, comprising Mohammed Babangida (+3), Ibrahim Babangida, Ringa Genaro, and Bauste Arastus, the fourth chukker witnessed their comeback attempt falling short in the face of Kangimi’s relentless determination.

The Kaduna polo club’s victory in the 103rd Georgia Cup marks a significant moment in the sport’s history, showcasing the enduring spirit and talent that characterize the world of polo.

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