June 25, 2024

Nigerian pastor beaten, almost killed over alleged genital theft


Dr. Aime, a respected lecturer at Akawe Torkula Polytechnic and pastor of the Living Faith Church, found himself at the mercy of an enraged mob after being falsely accused of genital theft during a fervent gospel outreach.

The incident unfolded on a Wednesday, as Pastor Aime, engrossed in his preaching, reached out to a young man for prayer.

However, chaos erupted when the young man, in a state of frenzy, raised an alarm, claiming that his genitals had mysteriously vanished.

Witnesses revealed that a group of Okada riders swiftly gathered, threatening to lynch the pastor.

Fortunately, the timely intervention of military and police personnel averted a potential tragedy, rescuing Pastor Aime from the clutches of the furious mob.

The accused pastor and the young man at the center of the bizarre accusation were subsequently escorted to the E Divisional Police in Makurdi.

Upon examination, law enforcement confirmed that the alarm was baseless, and the alleged disappeared genitalia was, in fact, intact.

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Makurdi expressed stern disapproval of such false alarms, vowing to prosecute anyone spreading unfounded rumors about genital theft in the state.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the family of the young man who initiated the false alarm is now fervently appealing to law enforcement to spare him from prosecution.

The Benue State Police Command Spokesperson, SP Catherine Anene, was unavailable for comment at the time of this report, leaving many questions lingering about the bizarre episode that unfolded in Makurdi.

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