IGP Touray leads task force to combat proliferation of “Kush” in Gambia

In a concerted effort to combat the proliferation of “Kush,” Inspector General of Police Seedy Mukhtar Touray convened a crucial meeting with the Task Force dedicated to addressing the menace.

The gathering, held today on April 4, 2024, at the Banjul office of the Inspector General, saw the collaboration of experts from the Drug Law Enforcement Agency and the Ministry of Health.

The Task Force, comprising a diverse array of professionals, aims to tackle the challenges posed by the widespread distribution and usage of “Kush” within the community.

With a focus on advocacy and surveillance, the team is strategically engaging security heads and key stakeholders to devise comprehensive strategies aimed at curbing the adverse effects of this illicit substance.

During the meeting, IGP Touray reaffirmed his unwavering support for the initiative, emphasizing the critical need for a united front in addressing the “Kush” menace.

“We are fully committed to this cause,” stated IGP Touray, underlining the significance of collective action in combating the illicit drug trade. He further emphasized that confronting the “Kush” epidemic demands a collaborative and cohesive approach, one that leverages the expertise and resources of various agencies and stakeholders.

The meeting served as a platform for stakeholders to exchange insights, share best practices, and chart a course of action to effectively combat the proliferation of “Kush” in the region.

It underscored the importance of multi-agency cooperation and community engagement in combating the illicit drug trade and safeguarding public health and safety.

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