Nigeria: Armed robbers set bus ablaze with 59 passengers

59 passengers aboard an Abakaliki-bound luxury bus faced a nightmare on Good Friday night as armed robbers descended upon them at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, leaving behind a trail of terror and destruction.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chilling moments when the daredevil robbers, armed to the teeth, launched a vicious attack, stripping passengers of their possessions and locking them inside the bus before setting it ablaze.

What could have spiraled into one of the most horrific robbery scenes in recent memory took a miraculous turn as passengers, driven by sheer survival instinct, shattered glass windows and leaped to safety, narrowly escaping the inferno that engulfed the vehicle.


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Confirmation from Ifesinachi Transport Nig. Ltd’s management revealed that the ill-fated bus belonged to the company and embarked on its journey from Maza Maza, Lagos, on Good Friday, bound for Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Prince Emeka Mamah, the Managing Director/CEO of the company, expressed profound shock at the audacious nature of the attack, branding it as a chilling convergence of armed robbery and terrorism.

The incident drew condemnation from various quarters, with Mr. Nonso Ubajaka, the National President of the Association of Luxury Bus Owners of Nigeria (ALBON), denouncing the escalating wave of robberies and kidnappings targeting luxury buses across different routes.

Ubajaka lamented the unprecedented act of setting ablaze a bus packed with passengers, labeling it as an act of terrorism rather than mere robbery.

Despite the trauma and loss suffered by the passengers, a silver lining emerged as no lives were lost in the ordeal, although some sustained injuries during the robbery.

In a poignant video recording captured early Saturday morning, a survivor recounted the harrowing experience, underscoring the brutality unleashed by the robbers. Amidst the charred remains of the bus, the survivor expressed gratitude to divine providence for their miraculous escape from the jaws of death.

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