Nigeria: Chaos in Oyo as O’odua Nation agitators attempt to take over state assembly

Chaos has erupted at the heart of Oyo State’s administrative center as a group of suspected O’odua Nation agitators, donned in military attire, attempted to seize control of the state House of Assembly.

The unfolding skirmish pitted these agitators against state security personnel, leading to a tense standoff at the Oyo state government secretariat.

Eyewitnesses described a scene of confusion and alarm as the agitators, brandishing their flags, stormed the assembly complex premises.

Videos circulating on social media captured the brazen attempt, with the agitators reportedly taking over parts of the assembly complex before the arrival of reinforcements.

Watch the video of the chaos here.

Akindele Alabi, a local reporter on the scene, recounted the initial moments of the incident, highlighting the swift and forceful response of the security forces.

“The alleged agitators had already taken over the assembly complex premises and hoisted their flag,” Alabi stated, underlining the sudden and disruptive nature of the incursion.

The situation rapidly escalated, prompting the deployment of Nigerian Police units, alongside Amotekun and other security contingents, to restore order. Their swift intervention managed to quell the disturbance, leading to the apprehension of several of the suspected agitators.

The motives behind this bold takeover attempt remain unclear, with authorities yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident. Concerns linger over the potential implications of such brazen actions within the political landscape of Oyo State.

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