Nigeria police chief engages INTERPOL to combat transnational crime across West Africa

In a pivotal move to strengthen international cooperation against transnational crime, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Nigeria, Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, has engaged with senior officials from INTERPOL at a high-level meeting in France today.

The meeting, hosted by INTERPOL President Major General Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, convened regional police chiefs to strategize on tackling organized crime that spans borders. Key figures present included INTERPOL’s Secretary General Dr. Jurgen Stock and Executive Director of

Police Services Mr. Stephen Kavenaugh, underscoring the significance of this collaborative effort.

Exploring Strategic Partnerships

IGP Egbetokun, also the Chairman of the West African Police Chiefs Committee (WAPCCO), emphasized the urgent need for unified action to combat security threats that transcend national boundaries. The discussions revolved around leveraging INTERPOL’s vast resources and expertise to counter various forms of organized crime affecting Nigeria and the broader West African region.

Strengthening Security Capabilities

During the sessions, the Nigeria Police Force reaffirmed its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge e-policing technologies and collaborating with neighboring police services. The aim is to dismantle complex criminal networks engaged in drug trafficking, human smuggling, cybercrime, and other illicit activities operating across borders.

Commitment to Regional Security

The Vice-President of INTERPOL for Africa, AIG Garba Baba Umar (Rtd.), and AIG Stanley Ude (AIG INTERPOL Abuja) were also instrumental in advancing discussions on boosting regional security frameworks. This collaboration underscores Nigeria’s determination to play a leading role in enhancing law enforcement cooperation within Africa and beyond.

Looking Ahead

As the global landscape of crime evolves, partnerships like these are essential to stay ahead of sophisticated criminal networks. The outcomes of this meeting signal a united front among law enforcement agencies in combating transnational crime and ensuring the safety and security of communities across West Africa. The Nigeria Police Force remains committed to leveraging international partnerships and innovative solutions in the ongoing fight against organized crime.

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